Penn Speech & Debate

"No matter how much you browse these pages, I don't think you'll ever really know the team unless you meet the people. Each of these individuals is unique, fun, and passionate. Indeed, they are some of the most extraordinary friends that I have ever had. We come together, as a team, to not only bond but also achieve something greater. We each take away many important skills: the ability to speak in front of crowds, to sway audiences, to form arguments. However, we each give such cherished things like our time, friendship, and support. That's why, together, I believe this team and the individuals who are a part of it have and will achieve great success in forensics and life. I hope to give all I can to make that belief a reality."
JiLon Li (President 2012-2014)     

"To me, Penn Speech & Debate is about being part of an amazing community of people dedicated to creativity, communication, and the pursuit of knowledge. I've been a debater since high school, and I consider the idea that I am a "forensicator" to be a big part of my identity. The team is about friendship, community, and bettering yourself. And making connections that last a lifetime."
- Johnathan Fried (President 2011-2012)