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Posted by pennforensics on February 16, 2015 at 8:00 PM Comments comments (3)

Hey All,


As you may have heard, we had an extraordinary time at states so I'll get straight to what you've all been waiting for ;)


Team Results

President's Sweepstakes - State Champion

Overall Sweepstakes - 3rd Place


Individual Sweepstakes Results

Individual Sweepstakes - 6th Place - Jackie Nikpour


Individual Results

After Dinner Speaking - State Champion - JiLon Li

Extemporaneous Speaking - State Champion - Richard Diurba

Parliamentary Debate - State Champions - Thomas Lee & Richard Diurba

Parliamentary Top Speaker - State Champion - Richard Diurba

Poetry - State Champion - Jackie Nikpour

Parliamentary Debate Top Speaker - 3rd Place - Thomas Lee

Impromptu Speaking - 4th Place - Richard Diurba

Parliamentary Debate - 4th Place - Lukas Vacek & Jackie Nikpour

Extemporaneous Speaking - 5th Place - Lukas Vacek

Impromptu Speaking - 5th Place - JiLon Li

Prose Interpretation - 6th Place - Jackie Nikpour


Congratulations to all who competed at states! Thanks to your camaraderie, determination, and dedication, we made history last weekend. Through snow, below zero temperatures, and a sketchy van, we showed Pennsylvania that the Speech & Debate team at the University of Pennsylvania is a force to be reckoned with.


I have much to say about the team and what it took to get us to this point, but I will save it for the email I plan on sending at the end of the semester. Until then, I am proud beyond words of what you've accomplished and what you will accomplish. You truly embody what this team stands for, the combination of excellence is speaking and support of teammates. I am a man who prides myself on my ability to speak, and yet today, I am rendered speechless. Thank you for giving me a final states that I will cherish and remember forever.


With Love,

JiLon Li

Pennsylvania State Results!

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Hey all!

I know you've been anxiously waiting for state results so I won't make you wait any longer. Our weekend was defined quite a bit by food. What between the weenie barn, Bloomin Thai, and Hibachi, quite an array of delicacies were sampled. Not to mention our fast and furious drive home was also exhilarating. But without further ado here are the results!


Team Sweepstakes

2nd Place President's Sweepstakes

4th Place Overall Sweepstakes


Individual Awards

Jackie Nikpour - 3rd Place Poetry

JiLon Li - 4th Place ADS

Jackie Nikpour - 5th Place Prose


Despite having 3 fewer people at states this year compared to last year, we still moved up 1 place from 5th to 4th! Let's finish out the season strong and aim for the Championship next year!


All the best,



West Chester Results

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Hey all!

I know you've all been waiting anxiously to learn results. We braved the cold and a bumpy bus ride but our first tournament of the new year was quite successful. Remember the only way to get better is to practice so keep doing that and I have every confidence that we'll rock future tournaments a hard if not harder than we did yesterday. So without further ado...


Team Sweepstakes 4th


JiLon Li - Impromptu Speaking Champion

Lucy Liu - Impromptu Speaking 2nd

Ahmed Yousef/Tony Young - Parliamentary Debate 2nd

Ahmed Yousef - Parliamentary Debate 2nd Speaker

JiLon Li - After Dinner Speaking 6th


All the best,


Seton Hall Results

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Hey all,

Yesterday was quite the tournament and quite the day. I am very proud of everyone on the team, and whether you learned something new, did better than you expected, or did better than before, I believe it was a success. These first tournaments, especially, are an opportunity to learn and grow. So without further ado...the results!


Team Sweepstakes - 5th Place


Matt Andrianowycz - Persuasive Speaking 3rd
JiLon Li - After Dinner Speaking 3rd
JiLon Li - Impromptu Speaking 3rd
Megan Yan - After Dinner Speaking 5th
Lucy Liu - Extemporaneous Speaking 5th
Saanya Ojha - After Dinner Speaking 6th


Don't forget that we have a tournament next week. Forward.



PS Thank you to our two judges Alan Ngan and Jamie Vaught! Your support is imperative, and between the two of you, I'm sure the competitors got some truly helpful and unique ballots.


PPS Thank you to those in the little blue zipcar. There were times of cold and frustration but I think we got through it well with many laughs, a new cheer, and some fond memories.

Suffolk Results

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Hey all,

I am happy to report that our debut speech tournament at Suffolk was a success! Amid the lengthy drive, blustering winds, and fancy Italian food, we rocked Boston in ways not even the Red Socks could. So without further ado here are your results:


Team Sweepstakes - 3rd


Lucy Liu - Extemporaneous Speaking Champion

JiLon Li - After Dinner Speaking 2nd

Julia Hintlian - Extemporaneous Speaking 4th


May Suffolk stand as a testament to quality over quantity where 5 Penn Speech and Debate members managed to seize a sweepstakes award. Thank you to those who came. I am excited for you and for all the members who will be competing in the future.


To a wonderful beginning,


PA States Results!

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Hey all,

First off, I want to congratulate everyone who went to states. Your dedication and determination shined through. Everyone contributed points to our total which means that this fledgling victory was earned by every single member. Without further ado the results!


2nd Place Team Sweepstakes (President's Division)
5th Place Team Sweepstakes (Open Division)


2nd Place Impromptu - JiLon Li
3rd Place Parliamentary Debate - Aaron Michaels/Clement Mihailescu


This is only the beginning. Celebrate today. Anticipate tomorrow. We will soon show this state and this country our growing might.




Trenton Debate Results

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To all and everyone,
                                    Congratulations to Rohan Bopardikar, Briana Sainte, and Rupali Singhal for their 2-1 victory over the Trenton Central High School debate team. Both teams did an excellent job keeping the debate relevant and classy. We were wowed by the Trenton team's passion and rhetoric as well as their hospitality. Thanks to all for shining a brilliant light on the importance and relevance of debate and public discourse as well as the importance of the human voice. You truly showed that words, when spoken with passion and conviction, can change minds and lives. 

Very proud,

SNAFU Results

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Hey all,

First, I just want to send out a big thanks to all who made the tournament on Saturday possible especially Siteng Ma who planned and executed the event. All of your efforts were vital in making our first tournament in history a success. But now, what you've been waiting for SNAFU results!!!

Team Sweapstakes 4th
Sam Sye - 5th Prose
Lucy Liu - 5th Extemp
Saanya Ojha - 5th Persuasive
Ryan Chen - 6th Persuasive
Tim Cho - 6th Poetry
Clement Mihailescu - 7th Persuasive
Stephanie Li - 7th Prose

Congratulations to an amazing 7 breaks! Let's use this as a great starting point to inspire us forward. All the



Article: Seton Hall

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A successful weekend for the Penn Speech and Debate team as they travelled to Seton Hall, New Jersey for their first two competitions. Despite the dreary weather and incoming Frankenstorm, the team kept their spirits high and battled hard against six other colleges.

On Saturday at the Seton Hall tournament, Penn earned 5th in Team Sweepstakes with 2nd in Impromptu Sales (Hyun-Soo Lim), 3rd in Impromptu (Lucy Liu), 4th in Impromptu (JiLon Li), 4th in Duo Interpretation (Bethany Cam and JiLon Li), and 5th in Impromptu Sales (Lucy Liu). After many hours of eloquent speaking, the team ended the day with Wendy’s and Chinese food before crashing at the local Ramada hotel.

On Sunday at the SNAFU tournament, Penn also earned 5th in Team Sweepstakes with 2nd in After Dinner Speaking (JiLon Li), 5th in Extemporaneous Speaking (Lucy Liu), 5th in Dramatic Interpretation (Michelle Riband), 5th in Duo Interpretation (Bethany Cam and JiLon Li), and 6th in Prose Interpretation (Michelle Riband). This concluded the end of a long, tiring, yet rewarding weekend where Penn won a sweepstakes award for the first time in years. And no better way to celebrate than with mashed potatoes, green beans, corn bread, and chicken at a family-style Boston Market dinner.

All in all, an exciting weekend where the Penn team stood their ground and proved that they were an up and coming force in the collegiate Speech and Debate world.

Seton Hall Results

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Hey All!

I want to start off by saying that we had an amazing tournament and that it was truly an unforgettable experience in many ways with insane rising times, frenzied running, spanking, overall speech excellence, and a wonderful family dinner. But before I continue gushing, let's get to what you've been waiting for...results!



Team Sweepstakes 5th
Hyun-Soo Lim: Impromptu Sales 2nd
Lucy Liu: Impromptu 3rd
JiLon Li: Impromptu 4th
Bethany Cam/JiLon Li: Duo Interpretation 4th
Lucy Liu: Impromptu Sales 5th



Team Sweepstakes 5th
JiLon Li: After Dinner Speaking 2nd
Lucy Liu: Extemporaneous Speaking 5th
Michelle Riband: Dramatic Interpretation 5th
Bethany Cam/JiLon Li: Duo Interpretation 5th
Michelle Riband: Prose Interpretation 6th


Our success was all due to your hard work and dedication. Whether this was your nervous,exciting first tournament or you were a seasoned veteran, we made history over the last weekend in a small way, and I know that we will continue to write our own history as our journey continues.


To a beautiful team. I am so proud of each and every one of you.